Drive your marketing message home

As a key drivetrain system supplier, your message needs to hit the heavy-duty off-highway equipment audience when they are engaging with our drivetrain system coverage.

Between our print, web, email, social, video, and podcast platforms, we can ensure your brand hits site visitors and subscribers when they are actively engaging with relevant content to optimize your marketing dollars.

Take a look at all of the drivetrain-centric product opportunity around which you can target your message:

  • Drivetrain Systems - January/February 2021

  • Powertrain - April/May 2021

  • Drivetrain System Product Section - Annual Product Showcase - June/July 2021

    • Only 1 section sponsorship available!​

    • Additional distribution at all exhibiting tradeshows

  • Hybrid & Electrification - The "E" Issue - August 2021​

  • Tracks & Tires - September 2021

  • Powertrain - November/December 2021

  • Top Drivetrain Products of the Year - November/December 2021

Special Digital Issues
  • The Year in Review - December 2021

  • Drivetrain Technology Update newsletter

  • Custom newsletters

  • Drivetrain content online behavior triggered marketing campaign

  • Drivetrain Channel

  • Electrification Trend Channel

  • Hybrid Trend Channel

  • Behavioral automated marketing campaign

social media
  • Targeted audience amplification with drivetrain-focused keywords, behavioral patterns and content engagement

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