Podcasts offer a unique experience to provide valuable, in-depth information and create a deeper relationship with our readers.  With smartphones being the primary source for engagement, it’s easy for people to tune in and listen while doing their daily routines!

We offer a few ways you can connect with your target audience via on-demand podcasts: 


Podcast Commercial: Include your (up to) 30 second commercial Pre, During or After an OEM Podcast. Commercials can be supplied or recorded for you.

Established podcasts are listed below.


Sponsored Podcast: Create an educational, thought leadership and non-commercial podcast hosted in partnership with an ACBM editor. Podcast to be recorded as a discussion with your Subject Matter Expert (SME) providing talking points to use for reference. 


Sponsored Podcast Series: A 6-part exclusive series of educational, thought leadership and non-commercial podcasts hosted in partnership with an ACBM editor. Podcasts will be recorded as discussion with your SME providing talking points to our editor for reference.

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OEM industry update

This podcast is a weekly roundup of the latest technology, industry, and market news for the equipment design and development industry.

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