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Through our ENTENT lead generation services, achieve unparalleled reach through our industry-leading audience for the mobile heavy-duty on- and off-road equipment industry.

Services include: ENTENT Engage, Catalyst, Content Marketing,
Webinars & Seminars, and Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) Video

Engage your prospects with relevant and insightful content in exchange for their time and permission

90% of prospective buyers  
are finding custom and/or
product-specific contextual
content extremely useful.
82% of prospects feel more positive about a company after reading or viewing specific custom content relating to the organization.
78% perceive a relationship with an organization after directly engaging in high value content.
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OEM ENTENT Engage is a subscription-based demand-gen product that drives a mixture of MQL and BANT leads into your sales funnel – providing a mixture of prospects to nurture and prospects who are in market and actively considering new products and services.

ENTENT Engage leverages ACBM’s 1st party, online user data by tracking optimal buying behavior and content consumption to determine product, system and technology purchase intentions. ​

The program utilizes proven native content products to position attractive financing offers:​

At the Optimal Time.​ In Targeted Markets.​ For Specific Dealers.

These tactics, coupled with a simple-to-use sales funnel, CRM, and automated real-time communication platform empowers component and technology manufacturers with a robust suite of tools to close active sales in today’s competitive equipment market. 



A full-service, incentive-based lead program that drives engagement through contests and sweepstakes offers that direct audiences towards action.

The Power of Incentive-Based Marketing

Your participation benefits from a turnkey environment – one where we handle all contest, legal and structural arrangements for a sweepstake or offering. An ideal solution to:

  • Drive Fast-Paced Demand & Product Interest

  • Increase Direct Sales

  • Build your Internal Marketing Database

  • Conduct Market Research

  • & More!

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Our Team Can assist with content Creation!
Effective Content Marketing Can:
  • Provide direct value to clients & prospects

  • Offer content, data, and insights in exchange for access

  • Attract quick interest with various media types

  • Convert prospects with high value assets

Content Marketing

Improve brand engagement by attracting prospects through high value, consumable media. Your brand benefits from positioning as an industry thought leader and subject matter expert (SME) to your targeted demography of ideal buyers.

Webinars & Seminars

Allows content creators the ability to host live and on-demand online education to targeted audiences that drive response — positioning your brand as a recognized thought leader & inspiring new prospects into your sales funnel.  

Webinars & Seminars can Effectively:
  • Nurture the audience with industry desired educational content

  • Invite key audiences to engage with your content

  • Conduct audience research throughout the entire process

  • Build brand equity with viewers

  • & More!

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OEM INdustry Summit

The new OEM Industry Summit provides three-days of comprehensive content for Equipment Designers and Engineers in an educational webinar format. 

Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) Video

Fueling your lead funnel by converting video & webinar content into MQL generators — capturing video analytics, play engagement and lead information throughout your campaign.

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Through our PDH Education services, you can reach engineers as they continue to advance their career and expertise in the mobile heavy-duty on- and off-road equipment industry.

Why rcep matters

RCEP Providers have the following benefits:

Recognition of our ability to be a high-quality professional education provider

Advertisement opportunities in the RCEP master calendar

Has authorization to issue Professional Development Hours (PDHs) accepted by
state licensure boards

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your program started
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